About Us

EVA Soft services is an integrated and innovative technology firm providing IT solutions, maintenance services and hardware support .

We Are EVA Soft

Offering customized service solutions and hardware that help customers to reduce overall costs and minimize risk in all phases of their IT life cycle.

Founded in 2017, EVA Soft has been a driving force for IT business infrastructures and skill outsourcing across multiple industries. While being self-governing, we work closely together with international IT OEMs, distributors, data centres, and end-users.

While IT business technology has swiftly changed since opening, we always believe on our core principles: integrity, flexibility, availability, and security —innovating customized solutions with the experience and talent of product specialists, solution architects and dedicated field engineers.

Everything we do is well tailored and collaborative to meet client expectations.

Whether it comes down to faster delivery against competitive pricing, protracting your current IT life-cycle with the help of end of support life hardware upgrades, extension of your hardware maintenance support or any other contest, we are here to help you.